Finally, an actual review of a Cream Tea

1) The Three Crowns of Dartmoor

When I envisage a cream tea being served I tend to always expect round floral plates with orbiting pots of jam and cream scattered around the table. The jam would give some vibrancy to what would otherwise have been a pastel scene. This delightful pub however, has altered my expectations and has impressed me with their ability to change what is usually considered quaint and elderly into a decadent treat.

They served my cream tea on a silver tray. A SILVER TRAY. With thick luxurious napkins and lopsided fashionable pots for the cream and jam; it was a terribly fancy display. But, and this is a big but; once you get past the initial sense of awe and wonderment you soon see through the extravagant facade.

Let me put it this way – the average Joe’s in this world (me being one of them) likes to see some girth when it comes to their money and where they spend it. I like to see the value in the price that was paid and, what I had paid for was basically for all the washing up they’d have to do after the ‘show’. Their attention was obviously misplaced. The Jam was strawberry, (and no they did not give me a choice) it was lumpy and in my partner’s opinion there was not enough of it. Cream was local which was nice to see but again there was not enough of it. But the Scones, the Scones was where the real disappointment lay – yes they tasted amazing, yes they were the perfect fluffiness and texture and yes they were freshly warm but they were pitiful. It was a lucky thing we decided to have a sandwich there as well. They were so small… and I felt like I was wasting my money every time a tiny spattering of crumbs hit the table.

The price of feeling like a Princess cost us a filling and rewarding Scone. The only consolation is that they gave us plenty of tea and overdosed us with their smiles and camaraderie.

So, if you don’t want to feel like a complete and utter fatty and want to be treated like royalty then I definitely suggest you go here; because that is exactly what you’ll get… just mind your purse strings.