Hide It! – An Anthology of Short Stories – available on Amazon

Ok so I am going to do a shameless plug here, it’s been something that I’ve kept┬áto myself for several, several months now and it’s about time I got it out there…



If you type my name – Hannah Jamieson in the Amazon search bar it doesn’t say ‘did you mean this?’ or ‘author not found’ it comes up with this…


I am actually a search result and I can’t believe I haven’t shouted out and bragged about this to everyone I know!!!

Well I do… but it’s really really silly…

So explanation is as follows – I won (as did 19 others) a short story competition on IdeasTap at the beginning of this year, the prize was having your story PUBLISHED by Mardibooks in an ANTHOLOGY that would be SOLD as an EBook on AMAZON….. OMG! OMG! OMG!

It was published on the 22nd May 2014.

So yeah, its nearing December now and you must be wondering why it has not been plastered over every form of social networking site I have… well… I know I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth BUT the reason I haven’t been telling everyone about this is because I had some disappointments when it came to the final product.

My bio was poorly poorly adapted. As required for the competition, I had to write a short paragraph ‘about me’… and to my dismay they had completely butchered it in the anthology; tenses and grammar were in limbo land.

It upset me; my Bio was a joke compared to all the others.

I emailed them requesting an edit and have been waiting since May for it to be changed. Ta Mardibooks.

But I have decided to buck up. I am going to ignore the fact that my Bio is a colossal disappointment (and that I also noticed a few typos throughout the anthology)… and to tell people about it anyway!!!!

I am a published author…. ME!!!

And I still can’t quite believe it, I just hope people judge me on my story and not on my Bio…. (please please don’t read it)…

So yeah… Look for THE SHADOWMAN BY HANNAH JAMIESON and please do enjoy.

Here’s more info on the Anthology –


Thanks, thanks, thanks!!