The Moustache


Is it me or has there been a sudden epidemic of moustaches lately? They are noticeably everywhere now and not just upon men’s upper lip; they’ve managed to integrate themselves into the fashion industry as well. They are on T-shirts, mugs, necklaces and rings; the amount of merchandise that surrounds this ‘tache’ is phenomenal. I mean who knew a little black symbol could create such an explosion of unabashed commercialism so quickly?

And how exactly did it manage to do this? One simple answer; Movember.

Movember was the pivotal point; the moment when the taboo became the trendsetter. Before Movember came along the idea of sporting hair on your face was considered severely unattractive, in Britain as least, women would see one and instantly feel nauseated. I certainly never looked at a man who had a moustache with awe, more, mockery and surprise. The moustache belongs to the weirdo’s, the rocker’s, the Dali enthusiasts and the upper class… upper lip – upper class… maybe there is a correlation there? Hum… anyway it’s not cool to have one, it’s unsightly and an instant turn off.

Or so it was…

A modern man’s ego is a precious thing; so delicate and easily unbalanced. Seeking approval from women was once their main priority, moustaches were off and beards were most certainly never spoken of, until…

A gauntlet was thrown.

The essence of man was called into question and a game of manly proportions had begun.

Thanks to some innovative marketing strategies the Movember challenge was born. It was created to raise awareness for men’s health, specifically for prostate and testicular cancer. For the entire month of November men must grow a moustache. Any man who was able to do this would be considered a true man and an invaluable asset to their goal to ‘become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November and through their actions and words raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health.’

A truly brilliant idea and an obvious success story when you consider the momentum that it has created in its aftermath. Men do it to prove their worth and women support it because it is for a good cause… and now the opinion about this moustache has suddenly shifted. I for one am now converted, seeing my man with one didn’t make me ill like I thought it would… I liked it. I thought it was sexy. Yes. Yes I did and I supported my man so much that I made him keep his ‘tache’ a week longer than he needed to…

It’s funny how in other countries the moustache is revered and yet, for a long time, Britain looked upon it with a peculiar disdain. Now thanks to THE ultimate man challenge and hipsters it’s become acceptable, well, kind of… some women are still not wholly convinced… yet…

Men can wear one with pride now because it is visual proof of their manliness… and if they failed? Well there is always next year… let’s just hope puberty kicks in by then!