The Exercis-s-s-e


My body a-a-aches with lack of purpose

Joints rusted from weary practice

I lay

Uneasy , unwilling,

and tired-d-d.

Fearful of a creak, ug,

or crack, ah,

if I move.

My organs obese with fatigue,

My muscles sat-t-t-turated

with lardy laziness.

Mind inactivated,

Thoughts dread-d movements,

Each breath a


Dreading thought.

I wince and lay,

My bulging heart expands,

Betrays my every


My exertion ah,

A naivety.

My application-n-n,



Why did I run?

I lie,

Burnt, slumped,

A failing-g-g


An aimless intention.

A barfly’s revolution,

When stars bedazzle and turn

epiphany’s to crystal.

But the morning,

The run,

Is in fact trampling on broken glass.

Shattered purpose-e-e.

Why did I run?


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