A Confession at 17:21

My writing has always been a rather haphazard and unstructured affair; and this blog is proving to be no different. The main reason I started it was to motivate myself into writing something regularly. So subject matters may overlap. I may be making pointless posts or indulging in my own egotistical opinions but at least I am typing. I am typing whatever pops into my head so of course it won’t be exceptionally coherent nor pieces of extraordinary literature – it simply reflects what I am pondering at that very instant (and I ponder many things).

So anyway I decided I had better explain myself.

And I also wanted to explain why I have named myself ‘Alexandra Neon’. I think I managed to skirt around that topic a bit too easily in my first post. It was a carefully thought decision and I’d like to share the process of how this name came together.



I have always wanted to be called Alexandra.

Firstly; it was one of those names that sounded awfully au courant and primordial to me. I was insanely jealous of a friend of mine who had this name and it made me despise my own for a long time. I have, however, come to love the name I was given and I now look at this name with a waning sense of nostalgic envy. So it seemed only fitting to give my alter-ego the name I had wanted for so long.

Secondly; our family had to move about a lot when I was younger, following my Dad’s job wherever it had to take him and at one point I had moved to three different schools within three years. Not only were we following my Dad but something was following me too… and that was Egypt. Yes Egypt. Let me explain, you see at each of these three schools there would always be a big history project and each time I moved they’d always be studying the ancient world and, specifically in my case, it was ancient Egypt. I loved it. I found their Gods and Goddesses memorising and I enjoyed being the one in the class who knew the most about them. Alexandra, to me, resembled this ancient world and I was positive for a long time that I was a reincarnated Pharaoh and that my name had been ‘Alexandra’.

That would’ve been so cool… no?

Well… In my mind it was.


Now this one doesn’t hold much explanation it just popped up and seemed the brightest idea at the time.

Brightest… get it?

I find neon to be an interesting word and not only does it sound playful its colours and forms can be equally lively. I find these pliable tubes of electrifying colours beautiful and arresting, I imagine myself holding them, bending them into shapes and words and then running with them so that a stream of light follows me wherever I go.


These luminescent bulbs can burst with personality. They can at times look trampy and tacky; these are usually the ones you find flickering in broken down shop windows and shady back alleys of the red light district. They can look artistically ostentatious in a gallery which only the avant-garde can see and can give humour to a place which otherwise finds such qualities to be lacking.

They, much like humans, can be individual and that is what I admire about them. I see my personality as these lights and imagine the colours and shapes dancing around with vibrant abandon.

They also last much longer than glow sticks…

So why not choose a word that encompasses so much variety and animation? Why not by jingo? So there it is. That is how my alternative name came to be. Nothing fancy – just built from the foundations of a sinful nature and from a childlike fascination with things that glow.


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